Brown Plastic 1000 ml Bottles


Price Per: 1.18

Size: 1L

Overflow Capacity: 1056 ml +/- 16 ml

Colour: Amber

Material / Resin: Pet

Shape: Cosmo Round

Neck Diameter / Closure: 28

Neck Finish: 410

Diameter / Width: 3.5 in. +/- 0.060 in.

Height: 9.846 in. +/- 0.089 in.

Item Length: N/A

Carton Pack: 106

Boxes / Pallet: 16


  • Box Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Carton pack: 106 pieces


Our 1 litre (1000 ml) amber Cosmo PET round plastic bottle is an excellent container for a variety of applications focused on product protection. In addition to the many benefits that plastic containers offer, amber PET provides the added benefit of ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors.

Amber plastic ensures product integrity is maintained from product fill to the shelf that stores your entire package while preventing harmful UV rays from potentially degrading your product. Products with natural ingredients often rely on amber-coloured packaging to ensure freshness and quality preservation. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications often use modern round plastic bottles for their easy application of labels and easy-pour design.

This container can find a wider variety of uses in multiple markets and applications including:

  • bulk packaging
  • syrups
  • Viscous Solutions
  • Conditioning shampoo
  • oils
  • Personal care
  • Medicinal use